Many companies and institutions are currently facing challenges far greater than usual ones, which significantly affects a lot of areas of their business. One of such areas that may suffer badly in the coming months is security.

We are already observing the huge impact of a pandemic on the cybersecurity. We all know that cybercriminals use socially relevant cases in order to outguess us and steal data – according to CERT, coronavirus is currently such an excuse. Danger is also waiting for people who communicate remotely: criminals are flooding the network with fake Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams or Zoom applications. If we add to it reduced security expenses in companies, the danger is ready.

Wanting to prevent potential threats and to protect companies from cyberattacks, we offer our system for managing and securing mobile devices for free for 3 months.

The promotion covers a maximum of 1,000 selected licenses – FAMOC manage standard or FAMOC manage enterprise. The promotion ends on 31/12/2020.

To use this offer, please write to us at or contact one of our partners.

Terms and conditions.

We would also like to remind you about our ongoing offer for hospitals and school – we offer an annual free FAMOC manage license for these institutions. More information about this offer can be found here.