*regardless of the industry! 

Both “mobile device management” and “data security” contain many meanings of MDM/ EMM solutions. Let’s even say – too many. Meanwhile the functions of such platforms are very specific and pursue very important challenges that are really useful in many organizations from different industries. Let’s imagine for example…


You drive a logistics company and your employees are mobile, working from different places. 

One of them has a sudden problem with his smartphone. He is a long way from the headquarters but the real problem is that the broken device is actually the most important tool in his job. This is an example of a situation where remote access is invaluable. FAMOC manage allows to remotely control all of the devices. That is why the IT administrator can help an employee from another place.


Each of your sales representatives (that’s huge organization so there is plenty of them!) has a business phone. You want to easily and remotely install and then regularly update the sale app on all of the devices automatically. In addition, for security reasons, you care that the application store could only have apps indicated by the company available. Here we can use another FAMOC manage  feature – application management.


That’s the example where the security part is the most important one. There are many confidential data on the devices. That is why the main need is to protect them. The IT administrator can force some security restrictions (e.g. guidelines imposing the complexity of passwords). He can also remotely lock the device in case of theft or loss.


Similarly to the government institutions, banks need to secure their data first. This time, however, the task of the FAMOC manage system will be to analyze alerts and threats, back up corporate data and to block malicious applications. As in the previous case, if the device gets stolen or lost, the administrator can block access to it, as well as delete its contents. You can also view the device’s usage history.


Your employees are always on the move and they work with tablets. That kind of tablets is dedicated for only one purpose – in this case for shipment registration. All of the other apps and functions are disabled by the IT administrator (the device is working in kiosk mode). 

Of course, there are many more similar functionalities and examples of using FAMOC manage system. Many industries can use the same features to improve the security of their mobile fleet. It depends on the company needs, size and the general workflow. However there are many possibilities and one main purpose: make everyday work easier and better. For everyone using mobile device every day.