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Our story

It all started in the room above the garage in 2006. At the beginning there were only two brothers and their friend. We knew mobile was the future, so we came up with a name for the company – FancyFon – and the first product called Mammoth. Mammoth used Nokia E50 to monitor network and routers in remote hydroelectric power stations across the country. The plants were hundreds of kilometers away so after a few rides and sleepovers in Fiat Seicento we thought there had to be a better way to update and install software without leaving our garage. It took us another weekend to develop a remote access to these devices. Soon, a side project became FAMOC and Mammoth, well, became extinct.

After 13 years as FancyFon we decided to change our company’s name to Famoc. Why? Fancy is too fancy – realizing that our product meets real and serious needs we decided to set aside a fancy name and become a little more serious. Famoc as a name is a nod to our leading product whose brand grew up over the years.




Famoc now

Working at Famoc is about being passionate about smart technology. We think mobile devices are great… unless you’re in IT and you need to secure and manage them. Fortunately, we’ve managed to find solutions to help companies take care of their smartphones and tablets without losing what’s best about them – a thrill of using them for work.

While growth is important, we believe small makes us big and our values and team spirit is what makes us different and help us act faster in an ever-changing world of day-one support.

In 2021 we became a part of the Techstep ASA family. This acquisition is a perfect scenario in the growth strategy of Famoc. By reaching new geographical markets, increasing the user base and integrating into an existing ecosystem of Techstep’s MMS offering Famoc will significantly strengthen the value of its products.

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behind FAMOC Unified Endpoint Management platform!
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