Digitization and e-learning are phenomena that are well-known to all of us and recently they’re especially important and useful. Google knows this very well and has been offering us free online courses for many years. Thanks to them, we can learn the basics of marketing, programming, public speaking, the secrets of Google Ads and much more for free – all completed with a free Google certificate. However, not everyone knows that in addition to the well-known Google Digital Garage platform, it also offers courses dedicated to business partners.

Google offers a lot of interesting courses for partners on the Google Partner Training platform. All you need to register on this page is a business email address. Then you need to fill in some basic information about yourself – such as the areas that interest you the most or your current company and position. After completing these steps, you have a full access to the platform and a wide range of courses. You can find there free online trainings in the areas: Google Assistant, Google Automotive Services, Android TV, Chromebook, Wear OS by Google, Android Mobile and Android Enterprise. The last two interested us the most, as they provide a large dose of mobile related knowledge. 

There are 5 courses in the Android Enterprise module and each one is available only after passing the exam in the previous one. These courses are:

1/ Android Enterprise Associate – consists of an introduction to Android Enterprise as well as short courses in security, management and selling Android Enterprise. In this course you have to also conduct sales simulations for specific customers. This course should take you 1 hour and 15 minutes.

2/ Android Enterprise Professional – this course covers more advanced matters – such as Managed Google Play, the basics of deployment and the best practices in carrying a deployment out. This course should take you less than 2 hours.

An example of Android Enterprise Professional certificate

3/ Android Enterprise Architecture & Implementation – here you will find short courses in architecture and implementation of Android Enterprise. You will learn how to implement Android Enterprise in the EMM system and how to properly manage networks, VPNs and certificates. This course should take you around 4.5 hours.

4/ Android Enterprise Support Engineer – this course is designed to prepare you with the problem solving skills required to offer first class support to partners and customers deploying Android Enterprise. This course should take you less than 3 hours.

5/ Zero-touch – this course introduces the seamless setup and deployment of corporate owned Android devices through Android zero-touch enrollment (more about zero-touch you can find here). This course lasts around half an hour, and to take it you don’t have to complete the previous ones. 

Each of these courses ends with a verifying exam – if it is correctly completed, you can receive a specific Android Enterprise certificate.

The Android Mobile module consists of two, but quite extensive courses:

1/ Android Mobile Certification – in which you can learn about the Android ecosystem of apps, features and software and gain practical tips on how to troubleshoot any issues customers may face. 

2/ Expert Badge: Android 11 – in this class you can learn all about the new Android OS update, which is coming soon. 

All of these mentioned courses (and the ones that I didn’t describe like e.g. Android TV) consist of a lot of practical knowledge, use cases and some “not-that-easy” tasks and questions. Therefore they give you a solid knowledge, which, supported by a certificate, can really improve your everyday work.

Without a doubt it is worth updating your knowledge regularly, and what’s the better and easier way than a free online course? And when the course is created by such an IT giant as Google and what’s more – when you can get a free and respected certificate – there is nothing to think about 😉 Famoc eagerly learns from Google courses, so we definitely recommend them to you too! 

Courses are available here: https://googlepartnertraining.fathomed.com