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We are a team of almost 50 fantastic individuals. We love to spend time together, so we often organize team-building trips and meet after work for a pizza or beer. We do not even miss out on everyday integration opportunities – we always get-together to discuss on Wednesday’s fruits and every day at lunch in our kitchen.

We also celebrate our birthdays by bringing cake to the office, but we also celebrate together every Christmas Eve, Women’s Day, Men’s Day, Halloween or … premiere of the new Android version!

We also like to fulfill our dreams, so we have a so-called “Otwór Marzeń” – box into which we put our requests and ideas. Every month we choose at least 2 of them and bring them to life! So far, thanks to that, we bought e.g. new pads for Xbox and a toaster, but we also organized a fundraiser for the animal shelter and… a “beer Friday”.


At Famoc, we support passions of our employees. We often take part in sport competitions together, such as BikeIT or Poland Business Run. Our integrations are usually also about sports – during our recent trips we were on kayaks, bicycles, we did scavenger hunt … What’s next?

We also like to go together to football matches, but most often we play them online or on the table … Xbox and foosball are the permanent elements of our office, as well as the darts. However, we do not forget about our gray matter! We love to meet after work for board games, poker, and in our team you will even find chessboard masters.


We love to get involved in various charity events. Every year, we take an active part in the Szlachetna Paczka event, during which we collect first-need articles for one family in need.

We also organize a collection of products for animals in need in Tricity shelters. Every once in a while we gather a quite large group and go to the Regional Blood Donation Center to donate blood. On our internal messenger – Slack – we have a communication channel on which we share charity activities in which we want to get involved.


life insurance and private medical care

Multisport co-finance

training budget

table football, xbox and darts

fresh fruits on Wednesdays

onboarding & lunch with CEO and manager on 1st day

numerous bonding events

flexible hours and possibility to work remotely

flexible forms of employment

convenient office location

How does the recruitment process at Famoc looks like?

  1. 1. Apply

    Apply via one of our current offers or send your CV directly to (remember about the necessary consents to data processing!).

  2. 2. Call

    We'll call you within 2 weeks to invite you for an interview (and maybe we'll already ask you a few questions via phone) or we'll write a thank you for the application message.

  3. 3. Meeting

    Your future manager and one person from the HR department will be present at your job interview. We'll ask you questions about your job experience and we'll check your knowledge. We will give you a short test for the position you are applying for and a personality test to see if you fit our team.

  4. 4. Decision

    After your job interview, we'll get back to you within 2 weeks with information on how your interview went. If the answer is positive, we will ask you to complete all of the necessary documents and to write a short description about yourself so that we can introduce you to the team via email!

  5. 5. Onboarding

    The first two days of your job are training days - we'll introduce you to the structure of Famoc, tell you about our culture of work and train you on the basics of our FAMOC platform. You'll also grab a lunch with your manager and our CEO!

  6. 6. Welcome to FamocTeam!

    You are ready to work at Famoc! The first 3 months of work are usually a trial period and after that we change your contract to permanent :) Welcome to Famoc team, good luck!

Do you have any questions?

Contact us at:

HR team

Monika Siewior Linkedin

Head Office Manager / HRBP

+48 505 593 122

Alicja Okuniewska Linkedin

Marketing & HR Specialist

+48 539 737 703


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