Device Admin deprecation in Android Q

Android Q brings new features for enterprise, but in the same time deprecates one that stuck for the last 9 years… Device Admin! Device Admin was available since Android 2.2, so quite a looong time. No wonder that now, when Android 10 is about to come, Device Admin is outdated and has already been for a long time. It was considered a legacy management approach even back in 2014, when Android 5 with fully managed device and work profile was released. Since Device Admin introduction in 2010, Android came a long way – surprising, huh? :). As a result, Device Admin is not well suited to support today’s enterprise requirements.

Manage your mobile devices in a smart way. Enterprise mobility strategies explained

Mobile devices are essential tools for any modern business. As much as they facilitate employees’ work, they also provoke significant concerns regarding costs, applications compatibility and most importantly security of data.

What is Mobile Threat Defence?

These solutions can be treated as the next generation of anti-virus software for mobile devices. MTD is a set of tools which allow protection of the mobile device and applications against “advanced” threats. What are these advance threats? To put it simply – anything other than simple data theft once the device is lost or stolen, installing an unwanted application or eavesdropping the network traffic to and from the device.

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