Let’s learn about Android! Free courses from Google

Digitization and e-learning are phenomena that are well-known to all of us and recently they’re especially important and useful. Google knows this very well and has been offering us free online courses for many years. Thanks to them, we can learn the basics of marketing, programming, public speaking, the secrets of Google Ads and much more for free – all completed with a free Google certificate. However, not everyone knows that in addition to the well-known Google Digital Garage platform, it also offers courses dedicated to business partners.

Android Enterprise vs. Device Admin – differences in terms of security and privacy

Companies that use Android devices have few possibilities to manage and secure them. Until recently, the most common way of enrolling an Android device was Device Admin API. Now it’s considered an outdated, legacy management. What should we use then to properly secure our devices? That’s where Android Enterprise comes to the rescue.

Get ready for changes in COPE mode in Android 11

Companies differ in the approach they take to the mobile devices, so Google came up with 4 different strategies: BYOD, COPE, COBO and COSU. Now, the time has come for Google to reconsider the COPE solution to meet users’ expectations and to fully ensure their privacy. What’s going to change in the upcoming Android 11?

Famoc with the security clearance certificate

We are pleased to announce that we have received the security clearance certificate from the Internal Security Agency for the protection of classified information with a secret and confidential clause!
The agency checked whether we are trustworthy and by receiving the certificate we have obtained the opportunity to implement projects in state and public institutions.

Vlog #ObsessedWithSecurity by Famoc & ITbiznes

Together with website, we started a new project – a series of educational videos about the security of mobile devices! 🤓 We have already filmed the first 6 episodes and although they are in Polish, we translated them into English so that you can watch them too 👇

Five most common mistakes in the field of mobile device management

Do you think the companies are fully prepared for the security challenges? After studying one of the latest research* regarding security practices in organizations, I’m afraid they are not. Although up to 64% respondents are aware of the number of mobile security threats that have been raised and will raise in the future, most of them are using single random mechanisms to make their organisations safe and secure.

3 months of FAMOC manage for free!

Many companies and institutions are currently facing challenges far greater than usual ones, which significantly affects a lot of areas of their business. One of such areas that may suffer badly in the coming months is security. Wanting to prevent potential threats and to protect companies from cyberattacks, we offer our system for managing and securing mobile devices for free for 3 months.

Ebook: how to protect your smartphone?

There’s only a stone’s throw between unlocking a phone and a data breach. And although we associate “data leaks” only with sensitive data of large corporations, it should be a concern of all of us. We chose five areas in which we should be extra careful – access, geolocation, communication, apps and mobile banking.

You know how to make remote work easy… but do you know how to make it secure?

Today, the discussion about working remotely is far more heated than ever. As coronavirus is spreading across the globe at a rapid speed, employers, to ensure a healthy work environment, are encouraging their employees to work remotely. We should all remember that the health and life of our employees always comes first, so let’s consider how we can help them be safe (and to keep our data secure at the same time).

3 tips & tricks on security that you can try right now

Today, to celebrate Data Protection Day, I’ve prepared 3 quick and easy tips&tricks on how to protect your corporate and private data, that you can implement right now. And because at Famoc we’re #ObsessedWithSecurity, I used knowledge gained on my everyday job. If you want your data to be safe and sound, learn what our pros at Famoc do […]

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