In the current economic state, there are just a few industries that are not affected by the coronavirus crisis. For many weeks we have all been struggling with it, reorganizing our work, working remotely, trying new tools – all in order to properly complete our daily tasks. However, there are sectors that face even greater challenges on a daily basis. Therefore, as Famoc, we want to show our support for healthcare and educational institutions.

Free annual FAMOC manage license

Management and security of mobile devices is a crucial matter in every industry. Appropriate protection of sensitive data of patients, as well as technological support in remote teaching for employees of educational institutions is from our perspective really important help for these both sectors.

By using the FAMOC manage system, users can remotely manage mobile devices in the company, enforce security restrictions or remotely install necessary applications – it applies to all mobile devices, regardless of the operating system. This can be a significant improvement in everyday work, which can be invaluable especially in the education and healthcare sector during their hard work.

That is why we offer a free annual license of FAMOC manage system (for maximum of 1.000 of devices) for educational and healthcare institutions. If you are interested, please contact us at

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