Regulations of FAMOC manage standard license offer

1. Definitions

Organizer: Company Famoc Software Ltd with headquarters in Ireland, Grand Union House, Drury’s Avenue, Midleton, Cork and VAT number IE9691690Q is an organizer and sponsor of this offer. 

User: Healthcare or educational institution who wants to use the above offer. 

2. Who can use this offer: This offer is available only for healthcare and educational institutions, who apply for this offer via email at or by writing to any Famoc Software Ltd sales partner from 16.04.2020 until 31.12.2020. 

3. Agreement to the regulations: By applying for this offer, User accepts these regulations and declares that he meets the requirements and that he will accept Famoc Software Ltd decision regarding the assignment of the license as binding and final.

4. Duration of this offer: You can apply for this offer from 16.04.2020 until 31.12.2020. Famoc Software Ltd reserves the right to cancel this offer at any time. 

5. How to apply for this offer: To use this offer, User should write an email to the Organizer at or write an email to any Famoc Software Ltd sales partner and ask for assigning FAMOC manage standard license. Whoever apply for this offer, had to be a registered healthcare or educational institution. User will be assigned as many FAMOC manage standard licenses as needed.

User can not take part in this offer by using many email addresses or identities. If the User uses fraudulent methods or attempts to circumvent the rules in any other way, his application may be removed at the sole discretion of Famoc Software Ltd.

6. Subject of the offer: The subject of this offer is a temporary (12 months) license to use the FAMOC manage standard service from Famoc Software Ltd The FAMOC manage standard license is free for participants of this offer. The User is entitled to maximum of 1.000 licenses. The promotion includes implementation of FAMOC manage in the cloud. In the case of on-site implementation, the User is required to prepare the environment in accordance with the requirements of Famoc Software Ltd The implementation will be held remotely and will be carried out by a representative of Famoc Software Ltd or by a certified partner of Famoc Software Ltd. The license is granted for 12 months and expires after this period, unless the User decides to purchase a license.

7. Information about assigning the offer: Users who apply for this offer, will be notified by the Organizer via email whether the offer is assigned. License will be send via email and an implementation of this service will be held remotely. 

8. Rights: By applying for this offer, User states that he is a registered healthcare or educational institution. 

9. Additional statements: Famoc Software Ltd reserves the right to cancel, modify or suspend the offer at any time. Famoc Software Ltd reserves the right to disqualify any User, who manipulates or is trying to manipulate the offer. 

10. Disputes: User agrees that any possible disputes regarding this offer will be resolved individually. 

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