Last time we have been flooded by a wave of text messages trying to force the installation of malicious apps. The most frequent scenario recently is a message with information about “package in delivery”, allegedly sent from one of the courier services. How to prepare for such attacks, having in mind our work devices and access to corporate data? How does FAMOC manage can help with that issue? There are several solutions. However, before we talk about the effectiveness of technology, it is worth remembering one constant rule that always works. So… what to do in that case?

Don’t click!

Simple as that. Let’s pay attention to the messages we receive, their content and format, and above all, the structure of links, which in this case can be the biggest danger. Remember not to click (also on your private phone!), especially on suspicious links of unknown origin. Your package tracking should be available on the carrier’s website, let’s not take shortcuts by clicking the link in the message from an unknown recipient.

Here we could end this issue and just rely on human mindfulness. But in the case of companies or organizations where the security of mobile devices means security of company data, it is difficult to rely on carefulness only.

Additional restrictions

So what can we do as a responsible company that takes security seriously? We can use our mobile device management solution appropriately. How? There are several ways…

Apps management

This is one of the leading FAMOC manage functionalities. Apps monitoring allows IT administrators to create white and black lists of applications. What does this mean in practice? The app whitelist is the list of allowed applications to be installed on the phone. Thanks to this, an unaware user is not able to install any application from an unknown source. So even if an employee clicks on a link from a malicious text message, an unfriendly application will not appear on the device. We are saved.

How to block the incoming messages

Another option – available in FAMOC manage only for Samsung devices – is the option of blocking incoming text messages from a specific group of phone numbers (according to a specific pattern). Thanks to this, this type of malicious messages will not be installed on our work devices.

Browser restrictions – how to block URL addresses

Using FAMOC manage solution, you can also configure the browser on the device, including the white and black lists of URLs in the configuration. Then you can block access to specific websites or just configure a list of safe links and allow access only to them. A white list of URLs that we are sure of would be a good solution in the case of harmful text messages. All other addresses that are not on the whitelist – including phishing links – would be blocked by FAMOC manage.

Network traffic monitoring

We have one more useful integration to offer for administrators using Cisco Umbrella. Cisco Umbrella is a network solution that monitors network traffic at the DNS level. All network traffic from a managed device can pass through the Umbrella engines and there it is analyzed whether it is free of malware, phishing etc. Cisco Umbrella uses the Internet infrastructure to block access to dangerous places on the network and prevents connection being established, ensuring security regardless of the customer’s location. Devices managed by FAMOC manage with the additional Umbrella integration will also block the possibility of opening any malicious links.

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