For us and our customers 2018 has been a truly great year. Not just because of the growing number of FAMOC users, but because of the rise in security awareness amongst our customers and companies (as well as organizations) we talk to.

Protecting digital information

Approaching the end of 2018 we have teamed up with Computerworld (IDG Group) and conducted a survey focused on IT security in various sized polish companies. On one hand the results can fill us with worry, on the other however with hope. Although the situation is not yet perfect, and a lot of companies do not employ proper means and tools of protecting their digital information, there is data proving that 2019 will change this picture. More than half of the companies in our study are planning to implement IT security solutions this year and in the mobile space this comes at a very good time – with Android as a predominant platform in Europe and Android Enterprise (Android’s security and work/private data separation frameworks) really mature and robust.

Be aware means be secure

What we found interesting in the study, is that the second threat named by the companies is actually lack of end user’s awareness. This lack of awareness in case of mobile devices comes in many forms. Starting with benign ones, such as not wanting to let the company data on your private phone (because your employer would get 100% access to your private life) to more frightening ones – for example not protecting your smartphone with a passcode even if company emails and documents are on the device. Mobile operating systems makers have done a lot to make sure the users know if and when they are interacting with corporate data on a managed mobile device. Google for example is doing more and more – Android 9 introduces even clearer separation between work stuff (apps, data, emails) and your personal part of the device, also making it easier than ever to switch off your work part of the device.

The more you know the more you trust

Awareness is best built on trust. The employees need to trust their employers. The OS manufacturers have already made a huge effort implementing mechanisms of protecting not just the data on the device, but also the user’s privacy. The tools are already there, and for a while they are also implemented in our FAMOC. Now is the time to build the trust relation between the end user and their organization. In 2019 we will play our part also by raising awareness of how EMM / UEM solutions leverage the OS capabilities also to protect user’s private data, and most of all their privacy!