FAMOC lock allows operators to remotely control, manage and lock down the mobile devices of users with overdue payments. Using FAMOC lock you can send payment reminder messages defined by the appropriate policy.


Credit and leasing offers are on the rise
Lease mobile devices:
9% Today     27% in 5 Years

The problem is that people don’t pay monthly instalments on their premium phones or resell them.


The solution is FAMOC lock – a small app preinstalled on the device, that can’t be removed. The app sends instant popup notifications on overdue payments to the user. If the user continues to fall behind in payments, the phone gets locked.

How does it work?

  1. 1Pre-installed app
  2. FAMOC lock for Samsung devices is a service pre-installed on the device, activated from the FAMOC system, available for devices with Android 9 or higher.

  3. 2Integration with Samsung Knox Guard
  4. FAMOC lock integrates with Samsung Knox Guard - a service that allows you to remotely control and lock Samsung devices in case of lack of payment for the device.

  5. 3Plans for the near future
  6. We are currently working on the implementation of FAMOC lock on Huawei and LG devices.

Notifications types

1/ reminder that can be read, closed and deleted by the user

2/ with higher priority that should be read, can be closed but can’t be deleted

3/ floating on the screen and can’t be deleted

4/ locked phone


reduced fraud

cost savings

seamless integration with existing systems


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