Kiosk mode

Kiosk software enables you to limit the mobile device functionality to the desired list of apps and features and block access to settings and configurations. In FAMOC the kiosk mode is available for iOS and Android devices.

Tablet with kiosk mode is a device for a specific purpose with limited number of applications controlled by the administrator and less system apps.

Key features of kiosk mode

  1. 1Customization
  2. Set wallpaper and decide what apps should be displayed

  3. 2App updates & delivery
  4. Real-time view of all applications and usage; app delivery to multiple devices in remote locations

  5. 3Restrictions
  6. Disable hardware buttons and control notifications

  7. 4Security
  8. Enables encryption, tokenization, wiping and locking the device, app reputation verification

  1. 5Remote support
  2. Permission-based sessions provide OTA access to device, files and apps

  3. 6Location monitoring
  4. Creation of geofencing rules and device policies based on location

  5. 7Re-enrollment after wipe
  6. Disable any method of resetting the device to factory settings

  7. 8Diagnostics
  8. Full remote monitoring and access the device for troubleshooting

Benefits of kiosk mode

showcase your Web content, images or videos creating immersive brand experience

improve employee efficiency

protect the operating system and privacy against unwanted or malicious manipulation

customize the user experience

Case study

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