What’s a rugged device?

Basically, ruggedized devices are designed to withstand much more abuse and damage so they’re much more secure and have greater durability. That is really useful if you are working in hard conditions like extreme temperatures, wet surfaces or areas prone to rain where you have to work with special devices – like mechanics or drivers of a big transport company. Rugged devices can be managed by FAMOC manage. Read about our solutions for those devices below or about specific features for Zebra rugged devices on a dedicated site

Dedicated FAMOC features

Remote access

Users can remotely access desktop and files on any devices or servers that are connected to the network at any time.


Zero-touch enrollment lets organizations preconfigure the enterprise devices. Preconfigured devices provision themselves out-of-the-box, enabling organizations to streamline their device deployments.


Use FAMOC manage to configure your devices with Android Managed Configurations.

Kiosk mode

The device will be dedicated for one purpose only with a dedicated launcher on the device. Those devices are used only for predetermined functionalities. The rest of features or even hardware elements are not available.

Industries that can benefit from rugged devices

  1. 1Shipping and ports
  2. Rugged devices are perfect for shipping and ports workers because they can withstand the harsh conditions, wet surfaces and low temperatures.

  3. 2Transport and logistics
  4. Rugged devices are perfect for transport and logistics workers because it allows them to succeed in demanding work conditions.

  1. 3Retail warehouses
  2. Warehouse workers equipped with rugged devices can tell customers where their products are and when it should arrive, load trucks and move items in the warehouse more efficiently.

  3. 4Public
  4. Rugged devices can withstand extremely high and low temperatures, vibrations, moisture and other harsh conditions. With daylight readable displays and extended battery life that lasts a full shift, rugged devices help public safety workers to enforce the law and save lives.

  5. 5Oil and gas
  6. When using mobile devices in oil and gas sector, they must be able to withstand anything, including a harsh environment of salt, chemicals, machinery and moisture.

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