FAMOC for Samsung devices

Many years ago Famoc established cooperation with one of the leading manufacturers of mobile devices – Samsung. Together, we strive for the best protection of company devices. Samsung’s mobile devices in connection with the FAMOC platform allow for greater security of company data than on other devices. The Samsung Knox platform guarantees a level of security that meets the highest requirements of our customers’ IT departments.

Famoc & Samsung customers

Samsung for enterprise

Whether you’re managing a small business or a large organization, Samsung solutions for businesses can save your time. FAMOC manage integrates with Samsung Knox – it’s a platform built into Samsung devices with a set of solutions that guarantee a higher level of security. Regardless of whether you care about protecting private photos or managing your fleet of business smartphones, Samsung Knox platform will provide you a perfect security. From FAMOC manage 5.12 we’re also Samsung Knox Validated.

FAMOC manage for Samsung

  2. By using the FAMOC manage system together with the Samsung KME solution, you can enroll many company-owned Android devices when end users turn on their devices for the first time.

  4. Samsung Workspace allows you to divide your mobile device into two parts - business and private. Thanks to this, the FAMOC manage administrator can manage and monitor only the corporate part, without interfering with the user's private data.

  2. Knox Service Plugin (KSP) is a solution that allows customers to use the new features of the Knox for Enterprise platform as soon as they appear on the market. This automatic deployment method ensures that FAMOC manage administrators can use the latest Knox features on the day they are launched.

  3. 4Remote control
  4. Remote access to the device via FAMOC manage allows for easy and efficient control of the device, which helps Samsung users in case of any problems with the device.

  5. 5Tizen devices management
  6. Using FAMOC manage you can not only efficiently manage Samsung mobile devices with the Android operating system, but also those based on the Tizen system present on IoT devices such as smartwatches made by Samsung.

FAMOC lock

Not only our EMM solution – FAMOC manage system – supports Samsung devices and solutions. FAMOC lock is a solution that allows mobile operators to remotely control, manage and block mobile devices of users who missed their monthly payments. With this solution, you can send payment reminder messages or block the device after a specified time. FAMOC lock integrates with Samsung Knox Guard – a cloud service that allows financial institutions to remotely control and block Samsung devices when there’s no payment for the device.


We’ve been cooperating with Samsung for almost 10 years now. During this time, we won a “MDM of the year” Samsung award twice. We participate in Samsung’s global partner program (Samsung Knox Partner Program) as the KPP Silver Partner and we also have the title of Samsung Knox Validated. We even organise together an annual conference about secure mobility – ThinkMobile – during which we discuss current trends and security threats.

ThinkMobile highlights


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