YubiKey is a physical dongle that can be plugged into a computer or you can carry it with and use for authentication and access management. It can be plugged into USB ports or connected over NFC with mobile devices. YubiKey is a great tool for multi-level authentication on many websites, inboxes and to access company data.

Multi-factor authentication

As devices grow ever more connected the need for fast and seamless authentication is on the rise. Businesses which are realizing how important it is to have strong security are searching for more advanced authentication methods than a simple password. With SMS authentication compromised, IT pros follow a simple success formula for authentication: using something you already know (password/login) and something you have – and that’s the part the YubiKey comes in.

FAMOC & YubiKey integration

Powered by FAMOC, the IT admin can remotely configure VPN and use physical key for VPN connection and user authentication. The employee will authenticate with a simple tap over NFC and log in to a corporate network with a handy dongle.

Key benefits


protects against unauthorized access to corporate network

Ease of use

the YubiKey authentication is instant compared to the time it takes to access an app or enter a code


multi-factor authentication is often required for compliance with regulations or internal corporate policies

Case study

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