FAMOC for Zebra devices

Zebra empowers those on the front line in retail, healthcare, transport and logistics, manufacturing and other industries to achieve a performance edge – an edge that translates to delighted customers, good patient outcomes and superior business results. Using FAMOC manage you can remotely manage and secure your Zebra devices. Learn more about the features that we have prepared for your mobile fleet!

Zebra devices

Uniquely developed, honed, toughened, and tested to perform in even the harshest, most demanding environments, Zebra rugged devices are the definitive suite of products and tools for the enterprise looking to mobilize its workforce, its processes, its productivity, and its profitability. Together with FAMOC manage, Zebra devices ensure the multilevel security of your corporate and private data.

Features for Zebra

  1. 1Zero-touch enrollment
  2. Zero-touch enrollment allows organizations to preconfigure the enterprise devices. Preconfigured devices provision themselves out-of-the-box, enabling organizations to streamline their device deployments.

  3. 2Remote access
  4. Remote access is a feature especially important in the industries like transport, logistics but also courier services and any other companies where the employees are working in the field. It allows you to remotely access devices and data quickly, but also to manage them and help the end users.

  1. 3OEMConfig
  2. Zebra OEMConfig is an administrative tool for configuring Zebra Android devices using Android Managed Configurations. Using FAMOC you can easily apply any new feature that is supported by Zebra. Zebra is supporting a lot of features - if you compare any “basic” Android with Zebra, on Zebra you can do much more and FAMOC is supporting such APIs.

  3. 4Kiosk mode
  4. The device will be dedicated for one purpose only with a dedicated launcher on the device. Those devices are used only for predetermined functionalities. The rest of features or even hardware elements are not available.

  5. 5LifeGuard OTA support
  6. We support the OS upgrade system for Zebra devices. Lifeguard OTA is providing security updates to the Android operating system over the entire life cycle of Zebra devices.

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