New Year – new special offer! Famoc has prepared a special offer for whole 2021 for particular, demanding industries. In each quarter of this year, selected sectors can use the promotion: 100 free FAMOC manage licenses for six months!

We start the first quarter with promotions for the following industries: transport, logistics and retail. The 2020 was not kind to these sectors, so for a good start to the new year, we propose to ensure the security of their mobile devices. Until the end of March, companies from these sectors can contact us for free FAMOC licenses 🤗

The promotion in 2021 will cover the following industries in given quarters:

Q1: transport/ logistics/ retail

Q2: production/ warehouses/ heavy industry/ power industry

Q3: education/ healthcare/ pharmacy

Q4: public/ administration

But this is not the end of Famoc special offer for the industries! In addition to the promotion, we are announcing new functionalities in FAMOC manage dedicated to individual industries, as well as webinars with specific examples of the use of the FAMOC system in given sectors 🙂 Stay tuned!

At the time of applying for the offer, a given company cannot be a current customer of Famoc – the offer applies only to new clients. To take part in this offer, write to us at or contact our sales partners.

Read official regulations of this offer.