Together with website, we started a new project – a series of educational videos about the security of mobile devices! 🤓 We have already filmed the first 6 episodes and although they are in Polish, we translated them into English so that you can watch them too 👇

Just remember to click a Subtitles icon on the video and enjoy! 🎥

Watch our vlog #ObsessedWithSecurity in which we discussed: 

🔒 Strong passwords and how to create them?

In the first episode, Paweł Pilarczyk talked to our security expert Oleksii Tsyganov about secure passwords. How to create a strong password? Is one enough for all websites or should you have different ones for each? And how to remember complicated passwords?

This episode has two parts: part 1 | part 2

❌ How to recognize a malicious mobile app?

In 2019, smartphone users downloaded mobile apps as many as 200 billion times. They also spent $120 billion on these applications. Unfortunately, among millions of applications, there are also many malicious ones that try to steal personal data, logins and passwords. How to recognize such programs and how to protect yourself against them? Paulina Wróbel will answer to these questions.

🌐 How to keep your privacy online?

How should we behave, how to use computers and mobile devices to protect your privacy as much as possible? Is incognito mode in the browser enough? What to do so that no one can see our online activity? discussed all of this with Alicja Okuniewska from Famoc.

🏠  What should we do to make our remote work secure?

Now, more than ever and to a greater extent, we work remotely. However, it is not always a quiet place at home. What to do to make working from a cafe, park or train safe? How should we behave in this situation to minimize the risk of corporate data leakage or suspicion of our passwords by third parties? In the latest episode of our series of educational videos, we talked about it with our specialist Piotr Piątkowski and Paweł Pilarczyk from